Many don’t like dealing with plumbing problems but it is a problem that must be faced eventually. However, do you know that you can limit the frequency of having to deal with this problem?

Here are some measures you can start taking to prevent costly plumbing repairs in the future.

  • Regularly clean your bathroom’s drain cover or screen. Clogging is the most common plumbing problem. It can be prevented by removing hair after every shower.
  • Pouring grease down your sink can also lead to clogged drain. Either discontinue pouring grease down there or regularly flush the drain down with boiling, sudsy water. Grease build up can also be removed by using products intended for grease removal.
  • When using commercial products for clogged drains, make sure to use bacteria and enzymes based products. Products based on lye or acid are harsh and can harm humans as well as the plumbing’s material especially when used regularly.
  • Ensure your pipes get adequate heating if you live in areas where the weather can get really freezing. Insulating pipes can also help ensure they don’t get frozen.